2015 Week 42 Update

The week was mostly spent in Penang on holiday! We left last Sunday and returned back on Wednesday afternoon. Since Thursday was Dusshera, I decided not to go to work and only went back on Friday!

Penang was fun and deserves multiple blog posts which I will do in the coming weeks!

Since I was at work only one day, it was manageable, but there is still a lot of angst and anger in me here. I need to keep reminding myself to be positive, and sometimes that is very hard! I’ve also started writing my positivity journal, so that should help I guess!

We spent the weekend cleaning the house and getting it ready for Diwali. Most Indian homes will do a major clean-up at this time, and we are also the same. I threw away a lot of unwanted things and it felt good doing that. After that, promptly went shopping to buy more!!

I have also started planning what sweets and savouries to make for Diwali, will probably post recipes too of those…

Off to work now, need to channel loads of positivity and get through the week without getting angry and pissing myself off!


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