PSLE Week 44 Update

The children are having a blast, preparing for their year-end concert which happens next week. They went for another Learning Journey this week which was basically a swap of last week – so BB went to the National Museum and GG went to the Discovery Centre.

The school also had a Parenting Talk this week on how parents can help children transition from the primary school system to the secondary one. The talk was very informative, especially since more than three quarters of the people in the room were first time parents of children who will move to Secondary 1 next year. The speaker, a medical doctor with three adult children had enough anecdotes about her own children which made it quite informative and useful.

After the talk, the school had invited a dozen secondary schools, both in the neighbourhood and beyond to have small booths in the school hall. When we reached the hall, we also found the primary 6 students there. I managed to catch hold of GG and we walked around a bit checking out some schools. We need to identify some schools and then go for open houses so that we can narrow it down to the six we need to select for the Secondary 1 Admission Exercise.

That was pretty much what the children did. Next week is the penultimate school year, with the last day of school on 20th November. Then we have to gird our loins for the results. I am just praying that they do decently and we don’t end up crying when the results are declared!


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