PSLE Week 45 Update

The penultimate school week for the year and we are reaching the end of BB & GG’s primary school journey.  The past week, both children were busy preparing for their school year-end performance as well as a charity drive that the graduating class does in their school. Every primary six class had to come up with a theme and within a budget the provided them with, had to put up a stall and sell products and services to their peers and juniors with the proceeds going to a charity of the class’ choice.

Both BB & GG belong to the school choir and they were supposed to stay back almost every day this week to practice for their school awards evening next week. Unfortunately, since BB’s voice has been breaking the last few weeks (more about that tomorrow), he told his choir teacher and she sent him back home as singing at this point will damage his voice!

Both BB & GG received awards at their year end awards evening which was along with their year-end performance. GG received an award for being best in music and will win another award for being the best in music across all classes next week and BB received his for being the top in Science, second in Maths and overall third in the class. I really wish he sees the potential he has. If I discount his pathetic Hindi marks, I am sure he has so much more better scores!

The rumors for the PSLE results are going around furiously and as the tentative dates released by MOE at the beginning of the year comes closer, I am getting more and more nervous. I know there’s nothing I can do at this point, except pray, but I am really scared about the results….

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