2015 Week 45 Update

This week was a mixture of being both hectic and then slow! Hectic in the first half because of Diwali and then slow in the second half because of work!

I decided to make 11 items for the festival, 5 each of sweets and savories and a traditional medicine, all which were fantastic. I’ll post recipes soon, especially for those which do not require specific utensils to make.

The second half at work was as usual, boring. I am serious now about talking to Big B about my future here, but will do that after my holidays. Hopefully he will be around long enough at that point in time for me to have a serious talk with him.

BB’s voice has started to break and my baby is now growing up! Actually this started a couple of weeks back, but at that point, we thought he’s getting a cold and this slightly distorted voice is because of that. When it went on for more than a week, we realized that it’s not a cold, but BB is getting to be an adult finally! He reached puberty almost two years after GG!


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