2015 Week 46 Update


This week as the last one went by worrying about the PSLE results.

Work-wise, the usual. I actually don’t have much to do – I think I finish up what’s on my plate for the day before 10 am and then it’s trying to look busy…I am happiest when I am so busy I don’t have time to even drink water, wish those days come back soon! Intellectually I feel I am slipping, but like I wrote earlier, I will wait till I am back from my holidays to have a talk with Big B and also start seriously looking for a new position.

We looked at a couple of secondary schools this weekend and looks like both have zoomed into one. It’s not a brand name school, a bit far for us, but BB loved it for its niche programme in his area of interest and when we went there, GG also liked the school. I liked the school and my first impressions were positive. Now we’ll wait for the results to see if this will indeed be our school of choice.

Happy Monday everyone! This week I will be on tenterhooks, so please send positive thoughts our way as well as please pray to the higher being you believe in that both BB & GG do well when the results are declared!


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