2015 Week 47 Update

This has been a very emotionally draining week for us with the PSLE results being declared. As I wrote yesterday, both under-performed compared to what they are capable of. We’re over this now and after a discussion, both S and I have decided to support them regardless of their results.

They’ve applied to a school both like (the same school) and BB will thrive there as it has an Applied Learning Programme in his area of passion which is aeroscience! GG also likes the school and hopefully she does well enough in her first year to get promoted to the same stream as BB.

In the long run and scheme of things, the PSLE is not the end of the world. I realise this now and maybe this is for the best. The children stumble at the age of 12, learn that life is not easy and hopefully, apply the lessons they learn from this life episode and come out stronger and better individuals.

I can see both are disappointed with their results and the determination to succeed I now see in them continues as they move along secondary school!

Off to more interesting things – we’re super excited for our trip to India later this month. My sister is also coming the week after and so the kids are all going to have fun…

Posting may be a bit sporadic, though I am not going to jinx my daily streak. More next week!


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