2015 Week 51 Update

A not-so-good week for us as GG didn’t get into her first choice school. She got into the second choice, which, initially she was not too happy with. BB on the other hand got into his first choice of school. He’s very happy as his bestie is also in the same school, though not in the same class!

We’ve appealed to GG’s first choice of school which is the school that BB has been posted to. Due to the new MOE ruling which states that unless the child’s T-score meets the school’s Cut Off Point (COP), they will not be successful in appealing, we are not very hopeful with the appeal. But, the school has a music learning programme which may work in GG’s favour since she’s been in the choir and has represented her primary school for the Singapore Youth Festival winning Distinctions…

Work-wise, this was a very short week as I was only at work for two days…But there are some serious decisions I need to take and soon here. More soon when I do a yearly update!

This is the last weekend of 2015, hope 2016 is more kind to us….


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