2016 Sec 1 Week 1 Update


School starts tomorrow!

A new school year, a new school, new friends…..

Unfortunately BB & GG will not be in the same school – we got an email from BB’s school rejecting GG’s appeal application. This came around midnight on the 1st – what a way to start the new year!!

GG was sanguine and maybe this is for both BB & GG’s good. I know that in primary school, BB was very dependent on GG for pretty much everything. Now he is on his own and so has to learn to take care of himself, his things and do his stuff on time!

GG will be the only student from her primary school in her new school – so it’s a complete new start for her…

My hopes and prayers for both of them is that they find their niche in school fast and enjoy school. They will become teens this year and so with that come loads of other issues, social media being the biggest one (they don’t have any social media accounts as I am strict about the 13 year rule). Let them do well this year as they jump from 4 to 9 subjects and all of the other examinable subjects will be new like History, Geography, Literature, Food & Nutrition, Design & Technology etc…. They also will be some project work, which prepares them for tertiary education…

The first week is orientation week and so nothing much will be taught. I’m looking forward to them making new friends in the first week of school. GG is naturally friendly and social and so she makes friends soon. BB, os a lot like me – an introvert, except when he speaks about things he is interested in, so hopefully he finds others who share the same interest and makes friends too.

tumblr_m9dt0bfe2z1qc4uvwo1_400super_school_year_inviteSo here’s to an amazing school year.





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