2016 Week 2 Update

a8710aa2de45ceea77262f4c13cab465The first work and school week of 2016!

We started the week with new chapter in our lives – BB & GG moving on to Secondary school as I wrote yesterday. It was a week full of anticipation, excitement as well as a bit of tepidation as both S & I wondered how GG & BB will cope with a new school, new friends etc. But our fears were unfounded as both have so far (touchwood) coped beautifully in their new school environment.

My first week at work was the usual – no work and plenty of time to think. It’s so much more harder to pretend to be busy than to actually be busy. With the exception of Monday, when I actually had stuff to do for the first half of the day, I was so free the whole week, I was resorting to typing random stuff on my laptop, just to show people I was busy. I’ve managed to snag an appointment with Big B for next week to discuss my performance this year. If that meeting happens (as Big B is well known for cancelling meetings with small minions like me at the very last minute), then I will definitely have a discussion on where my career is going to go in this company. I have been stagnant in the last one year and if this year will be status quo, then I see no choice for me but to start looking for a new job very very seriously (I know I’ve been talking about this for a very long time, but this year I am super serious about it).


Oh, since I am on the subject of Big B, let me do a mini rant here – I absolutely hate it when he never replies to emails. I am not asking for lengthly and verbose replies to my emails, but it it too much to acknowledge my email to you. For almost every email I send him, I need to walk to his office to confirm what I said and get the response I need! I wonder if he does this only to me or to everyone else? Ok, rant over!!

Yesterday, both BB & GG got Edusave Awards from our local Member of Parliament. They got this for being among those with the best progress in their year. BB has been getting this award three years in a row now, GG got it for the first year, missed it last year and got it again this year. We were so proud of them and I have mentioned to both how happy we would be if they won the Merit Awards next year for being the top 10% of their level in school!

Here’s to a happy and productive week everyone!


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