2016 Sec 1 Week 3 Update

School has started in earnest now. The children have exercised their Co-Curricular Activity options. BB’s school had three choices and so he chose the Youth Flying Club (one of the main reasons he chose this school), Robotics Club and NCC (Air) as his three choices. He had to go for an interview cum audition for the Flying Club which was run by the seniors. According to BB, there were almost 80-100 students, mostly boys who came for the audition. Hopefully on Monday when the CCA postings are done, he will have gotten the Flying Club as his CCA.

GG’s school had trials and selections for the sec 1 children so that they could have an idea on what the CCA entailed before they exercised their selection. They had to choose 6. She went for Choir trials/auditions this week and as I expected she was selected for it. The choir conductor apparently said she has a nice voice and coupled with her choir experience in Primary school, this was a done deal! She retains her Soprano 1 position, which is the highest singing voice. During this audition, the conductor also called for people to audition to sing solo during the school’s Chinese New Year celebrations and GG was selected for that too! We also received this week a letter from BB’s school, signed by the principal, inviting selected students to be part of their Broadcasting Club. From the letter, it seems that they have selected some students based on their English and overall PSLE results. The club sounds very interesting and will teach students scriptwriting, interviewing techniques as well as pronunciation. Their duties will include hosting duties during school events and also some daily PA system broadcast duties. I think this will be a 1-2 year programme and hopefully this does not clash with his CCA.

 BB will be carrying a full load this year. We also heard news that he has to compulsorily take part in his school’s Maths Olympiad team. Apparently all A* students have no choice in the matter, so that’s one more day that he has to stay back for practice….

 The first full week of school also meant that studies have started and both are starting to see the pressure that is secondary school. We cannot take this year off as the number of subjects increase from four to eight or nine! This on top of CCAs which can up quite a bit of time! CCAs are important in secondary school as you get some points depending on your involvement in it and leadership positions which you can use to shave off points from your O level results. The end of next year (secondary 2) is also streaming year, when students have to choose their subject combinations for their O levels. This pretty much determines what you will do in life as wrong subject choices will impact junior college and/or Polytechnic course applications. Doing well in secondary 1 and 2 will allow you a much broader base from which to choose subjects.


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