2016 Week 3 Update

The week started on Monday with Big B changing my yearly appraisal meeting to later in the week. Then the recruitment company where I am nominally employed wrote to me saying that Big B has not yet confirmed that he is going to renew my contract. The whole week I was in pins and needles thinking about this this. At one point, I even thought that Big B was just sitting out my contract which is due to end in 2.5 weeks since I was having no work to do as it is!

After the appraisal, which to my surprise went well, I am even more confused. Big B is very satisfied with my work and I’ve gotten mostly 4s and 5s on the different parameters (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best). The only criteria where I didn;t score was relationships. Apparently the people here don’t think I am a happy camper. I need to up my ante more on the office politics (something which I loathe) and as Big B put it, “When you are in a situation where you need to get get approval to get on board permanently, it helps to have more people on your side”. I agree, but I don’t like it!

Apparently since I am in this role for three years now, Big B is being pressured to either regularise my employment, which means making me permanent or let me go and this job will be done by one of the executive assistants as an enhanced role. They are still mulling over what the final decision will be, so in the meantime they will extend my contract for three months. I actually asked Big B “What would happen if they didn’t get the green light for my extended appointment and so does that mean I will be without a job after three months? Should I start looking for a new job now?” I think he was a bit taken aback at this, but he didn’t tell me what, just said he didn’t think it would come to that. So now I am to write a new job scope for myself which takes into account my current role as well as an enhanced version of what I want to do. So I guess my plan of action is to do that and at the same time start seriously looking for a new position.

On the home, we finally put the plans we had to renovate BB & GG’s rooms which we had not done when we shifted here around seven years back. The carpenter will take out the existing furniture and then pre-fabricate the new desk and book shelves in his factory and during the March holidays, will come over to fit it. In the process BB’s bed will have to go as it’s part of the existing built-in furniture, but we will replace it with a single bed which converts to a double one, so this will be useful when we have guests over.

After this, one after the other, my washing machine and laptop have also given up on me. After thinking we need to replace the washer since it’s almost eight years old, I spoke to the company customer service and tried to see if it could be repaired, but it was a no-go as the technician could only give a three months warranty and the repair job would cost slightly less than a new machine. So we went and ordered a new machine and happily, they delivered in less than 12 hours, so now we’re all sorted in that department!As for the laptop, I now need to take it to the service centre to get it repaired once again!

Because I don’t have much work in office, I am reading more than ever! I came to the Goodreads app a lot later than I care, but last year when I got in, I started the yearly reading challenge. I challenged myself to read 100 books in 2015 and completed the challenge just after Christmas. This year’s challenge is 125 books which this time at work helps. Reading fluff books (romances, chick-lit etc) will help me reach the goal faster. According to my calculations, I need to read 2.5 books a week or 10.4 books a month. I am currently ahead in the challenge and I need another 3 books to reach my January mini goal, which should be by the end of next week….

Have a great week people!


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