2016 Week 4 Update

I wrote myself a new jobscope and went back to Big B. I did get feedback from my previous boss and his first comment was “Do you really want to stay on given all the changes happening here?” Which was a valid point, some of the stuff I’ve been hearing over the past week have indicated that there’s trouble in paradise!

I showed Big B the jobscope I wrote for myself, and he did seem think there’s something in it. We’re meeting again today to discuss it further. The company which employes me has written to say they will be renewing the contract for another 3 months, which was what Big B also mentioned. Hopefully, by the end of February, I’ll have a better grasp of what is happening here. I have started to look for opportunities, but age is against me this time I know and it will be difficult….

On the home-front, things are going on well, the children are settling down in school, though a bit boring. I’m looking forward to the Chinese New Year long weekend in two weeks time for some R&R, more importantly sleep!

Have a great week folks!


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