2016 Sec 1 Week 5 Update

Wow! January just flew up in the wink of an eye!

The children have settled down in their schools and the honeymoon period that incoming Secondary 1 students have has now ended.

GG did get Choir as her allocated CCA, so no surprises there! But unfortunately she will not be able to perform for the Chinese New Year festivities in school as her choir teacher told her since it will be unfair for the other new choir members if only she was allowed to participate as she was the only one who went for practice even before the official allocation. She does say that for one of the competitions later this year, she will be singing solo. I am not too sure about this and I will take it with a pinch of salt as I am not too sure if the other choir members will want a new secondary 1 student to take the limelight!

BB is attending an environment event and representing his class and school today. This is the first event he is representing his current school. This came out because he is the class Environment rep.

Other than that, this was been a more-or-less usual week!


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