2016 Week 5 Update

One down and eleven more to go….I meant the months!

This week was the usual week in terms of work, essentially meaning that I don’t have much to do at the moment. On Monday, I was supposed to meet Big B in the morning which was moved to the afternoon. So we spoke and he had rearranged the jobscope I had given him earlier to tweak it a bit which was good as it now had admin right at the bottom which was what I really wanted. He reworked some of the other stuff I had written to make it a bit sexier, so that was also good. I also suspect that he spoke to my ex-boss as some of the things Big B spoke to me sounded suspiciously like what ex-boss said!

Now he needs to make a case for me and for the higher ups to decide if they want to keep me. Let’s see what happens. At this point, I am pretty ambivalent about things, on one hand, it will be good to have a permanent position in this organization and I do not need to start all over again in a new place. But then, a chance to start new is also quite tempting. I have sent out my resume to a number of positions that were interesting on a couple of jobsites, but there’s no news yet.

In this organization, those like me who are on contract are treated as second class citizens and this is something that irritates me no end. I’ve done a bit of protesting in my own way, but I seriously doubt anyone will even bother!

The recruitment company also sent through my appraisal that Big B did for me and I suspect he has lowered scores after we discussed. I don’t like it one bit! Big B gave me a much lesser score compared to what I’ve been getting and so this affects my bonus! The places I missed out on was on relationships and liking my job. Not liking it one bit!! Guess I need to up my social skills aspect if I am to stay on here, especially with Big B around.

Anyway, all this is in the past and hopefully things settle down well and good and things work out for the best.

I’ve also read 14 books this month, which is roughly 11% of my total books for the year. If things go on as they are, I will probably up my reading challenge later so more books to read. I’ve also decided to read one non-fun or serious, non-fiction book per month. This means I will read 12 such books in a year. Quite achievable I think. This could include anything and everything I am interested in with the exception of what I usually read so this excludes fiction and travel books. I’ve bookmarked some interesting books, now I need to find them in the library and borrow one of these. I may also read them through the overdrive app.


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