2016 Sec 1 Week 6 Update

Since we were reaching GG’s school on a touch-and-go basis last week with her screaming she’s late, we decided to leave a bit earlier this week and see if we were reaching schools in time. So we started leaving home around 6:30 – 6:35 am daily against the 6:45 am of last week. The 10 minutes did seem to make a difference and most week we reached BB’s school before 7 am and dropped off GG latest by 7:10 am. This meant I was at work latest by 7:20, making me perhaps the first person in, after the cleaners! The new timings work and this will now be our default timings daily.

BB had a school ‘Big Breakfast’ on Friday. He and a bunch of classmates, who make up the class committee went to the shopping centre last week to buy food items for this communal breakfast that their school does each year. They got NTUC Fair Price coupons and I think they went $1 above that which someone paid.

Class tests for both are on and BB also has his first common test in two weeks’ time, so need to push them a bit for this.

We also went through the cut-off points for some of the junior colleges as well as some of the polytechnic courses that the kids are interested in. It was a bit of a shocker for them as some of the courses have such low cut off points! Hopefully this will spur them to do well in secondary school. Stress levels start to rise again!

Monday and Tuesday are off for everyone in Singapore for the Chinese New Year holidays. So it’s time to chill and have some fun before we start working on the first exams of secondary 1!


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