2016 Week 6 Update

I got so fed-up of sitting with nothing to do at work that I finally went to Big B to ask him if there’s something I can help him with on Monday. He had loads of stuff to do, which meant I was pretty busy doing some interesting stuff for most of the week.

I’ve had some more vivid dreams this week – the first one had me with GG at some temple, maybe somewhere near the Himalayas and the temple looked to be a Shiva temple. I dream that I am praying and asking Lord Shiva to quickly call me to Mount Kailash (which is in present day Tibet/China and is in my bucket-list). I then start reciting the Hanuman Chalisa and wake up reciting it. I saw the time and it was 3 am then, which some people call the Brahma muhurat which is supposed to be a very auspicious time.

In the second dream I was in a car travelling some place quite far from home (not sure if it was Singapore or Mumbai). I come to a large temple which is set on the side of a busy road and is reached by a long staircase. I don’t remember much of this dream as it is quite fuzzy. Just before I slept that night, I did have one of my random conversations with my ishtadev and this could be the reason I dreamt of the temple.

Other than that, the week was ok with work politics happening as usual…

I am going to enjoy my CNY break so that I can get back to work with a refreshed and clear mind!

Today is the first day of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey so Gong Xi Fa Cai and Xin Nian Quai Le!


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