2016 Week 7 Update

A short work week which was made even shorter by hardly anyone around in the office! They were taking advantage of the fact that Big B was not around to ‘work from home’

Anyway, the fact that I may not have a job in 75 days is not making me panic as I am wont to usually do. I am the sort of person who has plans B to Z in place, but this time, why am I not bothered? I’ve started to make plans for when I won’t have a job to go to in the morning, including how long I will keep my helper on and what I plan to do the whole day when the kids will be in school and I at home. I wonder if this is the result of my ‘no expectations’ attitude, but I Guess time will tell….

On Saturday, me and another ex-colleague turned friend met someone we knew for years from my old company. This person is a mentor of sorts for me and it was wonderful chatting and catching up on news from people we all know…

Sunday, S surprised me with a gold and diamond chain for Valentine’s Day plus lunch at a wonderful Lation American inspired restaurant.  We took the kids to the main library which they loved (my kids what!) and now want to go there more often!! All in all, a delightful weekend and now back to work…..


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