2016 Sec 1 Week 8 Update

Where are the days going? We’re already in week 8 and the end of term 1 is staring at us!

This was a usual week for both GG and BB with nothing really of note happening in school. 

GG’s school concert is coming up and she is expected to go on Saturdays for rehersals. So on Monday I called the school for a formal letter from the school about this. But the person in charge of the concert was not around nor was her choir in-charge. I then wrote them a letter and it’s been almost 5 days, but no response from the school. I’m going to try calling the school again and if there’s no response, I have to escalate this to the principal. This was what the principal told us to do at our tea with him last month!

Contrasting this with BB’s school, I find both the school, teachers and the parents support group so responsive!!

BB has his first common test from Monday and I’ve given him targets to achieve…. He definitely needs to be on the ball and not slack at all if he wants to get his favoured majors (triple science)…but will he understands? Let’s see… 


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