2016 Sec 1 Week 9 Update

This was exams week for BB. His first Secondary school exams in the form of his Common Test. The Sec 1 children were tested on English, Mother Tongue (not for BB), Maths, Science and English Literature. BB’s target scores was to get an A1 (above 75% marks) in all the subjects and he says he will definitely get that for Maths, but not sure about the other subjects. We’ll know starting tomorrow exactly how he has done as the teachers would have finished marking the papers by then and will work out the answers with the whole class then. Normally in primary schools, the children will know their marks when the teachers passes out the papers to be solved in class and then once they’ve worked through the whole paper, they send it home to be signed. I am guessing that secondary schools, especially for the lower secondary will be similar.

BB’s school also had the annual cross country running at the West Coast park, which was a bit far..Boys had to run almost 4 km and girls slightly less. There was also a competitive run portion and interested parents and all teachers ran with the students. BB, along with his bestie left home at 6 am…I became a worried mum and kept texting him to track him till he reached the station where the school had provided shuttle buses.

GG’s school is celebrating 30 years and so they are commemorating the occasion with a dance and drama show at a nearby auditorium. Since GG is in the choir, she gets to participate and we decided to show our support for the school by purchasing six tickets! That the three of us, plus S’ mum and aunt and my helper R!! I need to go with GG out one of these days to buy some clothes for her which she can use for the show. Since her school is transitioning to a show choir, the girls (and 2 boys) will be performing a song and dance routine and GG says she’s front and centre for the routine! Super excited for this….

Other than that, nothing really happened!! So that’s the school update for the week….



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