2016 Week 9 Update

What I was dreading came to fruition this week. I finally spoke to Big B and even though he was very reluctant to say it, it seems that his bosses have rejected my transition to a full-time position. Big B says he’s been pushed back twice and the reason given to him was that they are looking for someone who will provide administrative service now and not the hybrid role that I’ve been in. So now it’s back to the drawing board to start searching for new positions!

I’ve started looking for new positions, but given my age and varied experience, it does not look very positive for me. I’ve also given a thought about my helper. Now if I am not working full-time, I also don’t need and can’t afford a full-time helper. R’s contract ends sometime in September and so I guess I will wait out her contract and see how it goes. If I get a new full-time position by September, then it’s cool, I can continue to employ her, otherwise she also needs to find a new employer, though I think she will find it a whole lot easier than me!

It’s been quite depressing, but strangely I am not too worried – I find it very strange myself. Maybe it’s all a grand plan for me to get a great position? I really don’t know, but am hoping for the best while preparing for the worst!

This was my big news of the week, otherwise my boring life continues…

Oh, I also got the report of my HBA1C report which I did last week. After a very long time the result has moved from Unacceptable to Suboptimal! So I am quite happy. Now my goal is to bring it to Optimal, which I hope to do in the next 3 months (when I next do the test). Fasting Glucose still is above the optimal range though! Need to research on how to reduce that and work on it….

Happy Monday and March is on us tomorrow!!


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