2016 Sec 1 Week 1o Update

BB received his test scores this week and he did not perform to expectations. He missed his target scores by a couple of marks for Maths, Science and English and failed by 1 mark for English Lit! This from a boy who scored an A for English in PSLE! I was very upset with him, but being the first test in a new school, decided to let go. Hopefully this has served as a wake-up call for him, if yes, then the low marks are worth it. If no, then there are more severe consequences.

I’ve told both of them that if in the mid-terms they do not score what targets are set, then I will immediately take away their phones from them. I will provide them with an ordinary phone (not the iPhone they currently have) which can only be used to make phone calls.

As for GG, she is busy with her performance with her choir for the school performance. GG had applied learning days last week and went on her first field trip from school – to Fort Canning Park and the National Museum. The learning trip was for history since they are doing the history of Singapore and where better to start than Fort Canning!

This is the last week of school before term break for a week. BB will be having a science camp in school this week where the highlight will be going to Changi airport. His school’s ALP (Applied Learning Programme) is flight and aerospace and this is what BB’s passionate about…..


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