2016 Week 11 Update

A short work week like I mentioned earlier, but a very hectic week! I was busy with something that Big B gave me some weeks back and which seemed to be so large that I didn’t see it coming to an end soon. But this week with the efforts I’ve put in, the end looks very near. I just have a couple if days work to end this. With this, there’s no major projects left for me here, just one more weeks worth of work in April and I am done. So this should give me time to start work on my handover notes and also look in earnest for new positions. 

Friday was my sister-in-law’s seemantham or baby shower. Since my father-in-law passed away two years back, its S and I who have to take over the role of her mum and dad. The ceremony was in the morning, and my day started at 3:45 am! I reached her place at 5 am and then from that point was busy, busy till everything ended around noon. We had lunch quickly and I had to leave as BB’s school ended at 12:30 and we had not cooked lunch for him and so had to take some food from her place. 

So that was my week, hope you’ve had a good one too and this week is a great one!! 


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