2016 Sec 1 Week 12 Update

This week was the school holiday week and which is essentially a term break here for primary and secondary students.

Both GG & BB were home some days and had to go to other places for workshops etc. GG went back to school one day to practice with her choir for their performance next month and then had to go to a public library far away in the east for a workshop conducted by the National Library Board. BB on the same day that GG went to the library workshop had to go to the opposite side of the country for an environment workshop.

Speaking of BB, I was super upset at him this week. The workshop he was to go was because he is the Environment rep in his class, a responsibility he took up willingly. But for some reason, he didn’t want to attend the day-long workshop and so he lied to me that he was given the consent form in error. Initially I accepted his statement, but then on thinking it over, it didn’t feel right. If the form was given in error, why was his name and class on the form? So I asked again and this time, I told him I knew he was lying and I will call the school to check. I also told him to tell the truth. He confessed. I was so mad at him!! But ultimately on the day of the workshop, he developed stomach pain and decided not to go for it after all, such an anti-climax!

GG had a wonderful time at the camp and I am really glad she enjoyed it. The camp is a prelude to a book and reading competition and the best part is that GG was nominated as the best participant of the camp and got a book prize for it. According to the teacher who nominated her, she displayed leadership skills, and this is something I’ve known for a while. I absolutely hate when schools choose leaders and prefects based on grades – and it’s a documented fact that good grades do not equal to someone being a good leader!

Anyways, school starts tomorrow and both BB & GG now have to start preparing for their first semester or mid-year exams….


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