2016 Week 12 Update

This was a very short work week for me. Since Monday, I’ve been feeling uncomfortable in my stomach and on Thursday it became worse. So at lunch I came home after speaking to Big B and went to the doctor who diagnosed it as stomach flu. So the rest of the week I decided to work from home and I just love working from home – I get a lot done without having to look and speak at people I dislike!

I’m down to 29 working days here now and am even more confused if that’s possible. I spoke to the site manager of the company which notionally employs me and according to this person; even they don’t know what is happening. The headquarters of this company is undergoing some savings plan and contract staff comes under this. Supposedly more clarity will be made available soon and everyone will know where you stand. I did speak to them about potential future employment opportunities and was told they can try something elsewhere, but only once they get clarity from my company.

Then on Friday we got the formal notification that the company is moving – and this move will mean a longer, maybe tougher commute for me. The move is going to happen around 18 months down the road and so will probably not impact me, but that’s also a factor in deciding to stay I guess. On one hand, I will be happy to leave the irritants and some of the work I detest, but the thought of being unemployed, dependent on S for money is enough to give me the heebie-jeebies! Also the thought of starting out from scratch……enough said I guess…..

I’d mentioned earlier that we were planning to get some work done in the house and we finally did it last week. Specifically we renovated GG & BB’s rooms, their study tables and BB’s bed. The rooms look a lot bigger now, but this also meant that we ended up spending quite a bit more than we planned. We need to buy BB a new bed and a bedside table and we should be done. Then some electrical work which should happen next week and painting! After this, I am going to save up some money and do my bedroom and the hall next – there are some built-in furniture which I dislike!

So that was week 12 for us. Happy Monday everyone and hope this week (another short week because of Good Friday and Easter) is great for everyone!


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