2016 Week 13 Update

This was another short week and as of today, I am now down to exactly five weeks before my contract runs out. By right, the company I work for should formally let me know either this week or next if there’s no chance of continuing here, but will they do, I really don’t know.

I am also more confused than ever what will happen to me here, sometimes when Big B speaks to me or others, he alludes to me being around after the contract ends, but he does not say anything directly to me. Yes, the income coming in would be great, but I think I’ve made my peace with this situation, whatever happens, no hard feelings and I’ve got plans for the rest of my year, which I will share later.

Big B is going to be traveling mostly from next week for work and pleasure and I think in the next five weeks, he’ll be in two and out three. So far he’s in during what is supposed to be my last week here.

Life also will come a full circle – when I was recruited three years back, it was just before this major annual conference the department has and I had to get stuff ready in roughly two/three weeks’ time, and it all come together so beautifully that my then boss and his boss was full of praise. Now I will be leaving a month before the same conference, which will be in the same city as the first conference and my successor will be the one who has to dot the I’s and cross the t’s before the event and hopefully he/she is as successful as I was all those years back!

We went to a wedding on Good Friday and it was nice catching up with the extended family. The wedding was of the daughter of S’ father’s distant cousins and most of them are meeting GG & BB after eons and they were all startled how big they’ve grown – I’m talking some meeting them after 7-10 years, so you can imagine how astonished they were, since BB is quite tall (he is roughly 170 cm or 5 ft, 7 inches) while GG is shorter at slightly over 5 ft. 3 inches. The irony is that we all live in the same city and some of us live within a couple of kilometers away! That’s what a busy life does to you I guess….That’s why such social functions are great for catching up with friends and family…

Ok, back to the grind after a relaxing three days, gotta go to work now. Happy Monday everyone and we’re almost at the end of March which means a quarter of the year is done…..


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