2016 Week 16 Update

There’s an elephant in the room in my office and nobody wants to acknowledge it! I mean my leaving. All this week my co-workers, including Big B are ignoring the fact that I will be leaving at the end of the month. I don’t think my co-workers don’t know, there are too many things that I was involved with that I am no longer doing, which should have been their biggest clue. But everyone is pretending that things are normal. On Friday, one of my co-workers, ironically, the newest, actually came up to me when there was no one around and asked the question that others, who’ve been here longer, should have asked.

There’s a team drinking activity that’s was supposed to happen in February, but which kept being postponed for some reason or the other and is now scheduled for my last week here. I wasn’t very keen for a myriad of reasons, the main being the fact that I don’t drink much and prefer not to drink with colleagues and so I was not planning to go. Earlier in the week, one of my co-workers alluded to it and said I should try to make it. I am not sure, why out of the blue she suggested this. If this is going to be my ‘going away’ do, then I wish they come out and say. In that case, yes, I’d love to go, otherwise, I am still so very ambivalent!

The week was bittersweet as I did the last batch of something I really look forward to doing each quarter. I’ve not mentioned to anyone in that job I am leaving, so it felt bad to tell them I will speak to them again. Anyways!!!

I am going to spend the next two weeks clearing my desk and sorting stuff. I also want to make drafts of my farewell notes to people. But I don’t think all this will take up so much of time, need to find things to do this week.

I wrote about GG’s performance yesterday and we really had a good time there. Though it ended quite late, it was fun!

Onward to a new week, need to keep smiling so my last impression is a good one! Happy week folks…


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