if-word-clipart-1024x627One of the things I want to try my hand in during the next month or so is to start writing seriously. I’ve always loved writing and one of my favourite periods in school used to be the English composition period. In fact, I can remember myself in school, during the English exams, once we get the paper, the first thing I’d do is see the options for the composition section. Only after I made my choice, would I start to attempt the rest of the paper, wanting to savor the composition right at the end. All the while writing the paper, the composition would be writing itself in my head and I would pen it down once I’d done the other boring parts like grammar and the literature section.

In college, I wanted to do English Literature, but got suckered into doing Economics and Finance as I felt that’s where the nicer jobs were, but writing was something I did in secret. When Blogspot and later WordPress started, I was elated. This was a chance for me to start writing and this is where my blogging journey started. However, with the exception of last year, I’ve been more of an indifferent blogger, preferring to remain anonymous. I still prefer to blog anonymously, but my writing has started to get better in the last eighteen months or so of blogging regularly (or so I’d like to think)….

writing-a-book-two-people-clipart-1Like my reading, my writing is all over the place, but if I have a soft spot, then it will be for children’s books. I know that there are not many famous children’s book authors, but I love penning down small and sweet stories for the young. If the story has a kernel of something they learn in the process, that’s icing on the cake, as far as I am concerned. I have some stories written in this blog about a couple of monkeys called Chica and Chiki, modeled, as you’d probably have guessed correctly, on GG and BB!

I’d love to write more stories on my monkey twins and maybe some others. I know I have to do some research on how a children’s book is written and will do so. One part of this research will be to read more children’s books, but I am also planning to search for books on this subject as well as perhaps on creative writing? I am also looking for some courses in creative and writing, need to check the local universities, but I am not too optimistic about this. I will go online and maybe Coursera may have something for me.

I’ll definitely update once I start writing and who knows you people will be subjected to my stories here. When I do, please be honest in your reviews and critiques…..


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