2016 Week 17 Update

I want to put this down, so I don’t forget. The past few weeks I’ve been processing what is happening around me and sometime this week, I realised something. There is something not quite right between Big B and his boss. I have a feeling Big B will not last long in his role here. Big B is an expat and he has been deputed to Singapore from his home country and company for a certain number of years. From what I’m seeing and understanding, I feel Big B will not last his tour here, he may ask his home company to recall him back sooner than later. And I’ve realised that I’ve become the unfortunate victim in this skirmish! For some reason since Big B’s boss is not happy with him, he did not want to regularise my employment and eliminated my position so Big B is inconvenienced. I did obliquely mention it to Big B this week while we went through whom to pass on the different aspects of my job and his comments about his boss were not too complimentary!  Well, that’s life I guess!

I mentioned about a drinking session they had this week. I didn’t go as I had decided. The next day, Big B spoke to me about the session this week and asked me to come. Then he said the words I wanted someone to acknowledge – he said it’s for you and since you don’t drink, we’ll go for dinner. So I have said yes and it’s tomorrow! After that a couple of others  also came up to me asking me to come and I said yes….

The week actually went quite fast for me, I was busy clearing up my desk and doing my handovers. This week will therefore be quite boring I guess, I really don’t have much to do…Next week onwards, it time to start looking for new jobs and take the time to do all the things I had planned to do in the house and with BB & GG.

Have an awesome week folks, the last for April…


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