2016 Week 18 Update

Last sort of negative work post, I promise! Really, cross my heart. This is my last week in this company and I have decided to leave any negativity behind. Even when (not if, but when) I decide to start working again, I want to remain positive and not wallow in negativity.

The week started as usual with no work, especially since I already had handed over most of the stuff I do. So I very reluctantly went for the drinks cum team dinner. Earlier, we’d all go together, but this time everyone went on their own. When I left, I expected E, my oldest colleague express surprise that I was not leaving with him, but he just said he’ll see me there. I was the first one to reach, around 20 minutes before the time decided. Some of the others were supposed to have come earlier, but according to the wait staff, one did come before me, but when he realised he would be the first, he decamped! I waited for a while before the others turned up. I was not planning to stay long, but ended up staying till the end!

The week went by fast and soon it was Friday, my last day. A couple of people did come up to me during the week wishing me luck, so that was nice. My ex-boss also texted me on my last day and this was especially nice as he is no longer based in Singapore!

A lot of people wrote back when I sent out my farewell email, so that too felt good! I learnt that I have made some friends in this organisation.
A piece of good news – my sister-in-law (S’ sister) delivered a baby boy this week! I am so happy for her and her husband as they have been trying for a long time now and the procedure they did by which she got pregnant was their last chance. BB & GG are thrilled to have a new cousin and I expect them to go to their grandma’s place all through the holidays on one pretext or the other to play with the baby. The baby, who is unnamed yet is the cutest one I have seen in a while. Ooh, his cheeks are so big, they hid his eyes! I predict he is going to be quite spoilt by everyone!
On that note have a great week folks!

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