Holidays….Planning and Dreaming

Since I am at home these days, I thought I’d get a head-start on planning our 2016 and 2017 holidays! The June holidays are just about a month away and we are considering a number of options to travel regionally.

I came across this list from TripAdvisor and this seems to be a good starting point for anyone wanting to travel around Asia. Here are the top 25 Asian destinations of 2016. Of these, I’ve been to roughly half this list. I now need to start looking at the others, but I do know there will be some I won’t go to which may be overrun with backpackers and are famous for activities I am not interested in.

The top 25 Asian destinations are:

  1. Siam Reap, Cambodia
  2. Hanoi, Vietnam
  3. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  4. Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Hong Kong, China SAR
  6. Tokyo, Japan
  7. Kathmandu, Nepal
  8. New Delhi, India
  9. Taipei, Taiwan
  10. Hoi An, Vietnam
  11. Kathu, Thailand
  12. Krabi, Thailand
  13. Jaipur, India
  14. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  15. Bophut, Thailand
  16. Beijing, China
  17. Singapore
  18. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  19. Kyoto, Japan
  20. Goa, India
  21. Shanghai, China
  22. Seoul, South Korea
  23. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  24. Osaka, Japan
  25. Mumbai/Bombay, India

If you want to know the top destinations worldwide, here’s the link:

  1.  London, United Kingdom
  2. Istanbul, Turkey
  3. Marrakech, Morocco
  4. Paris, France
  5. Siam Reap, Cambodia
  6. Prague, Czech Republic
  7. Rome, Italy
  8. Hanoi, Vietnam
  9. New York City, USA
  10. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  11. Barcelona, Spain
  12. Lisbon, Portugal
  13. Dubai, UAE
  14. St. Petersburg, Russia
  15. Bangkok, Thailand
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  17. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  18. Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China
  19. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  20. Cape Town, South Africa
  21. Tokyo, Japan
  22. Cusco, Peru
  23. Kathmandu, Nepal
  24. Sydney, Australia
  25. Budapest, Hungary

This list has seriously awakened the travel wanderlust in me, and I need to start planning for trips out of this region. We have pending trips to meet family to both Europe and North America and I need to start saving up for these trips. For a family of four adults, this will be serious $$, especially flights!

OK, gotta start looking for jobs now!



2 thoughts on “Holidays….Planning and Dreaming

  1. Shameless self promotion here, but I’ve just written a blog on a trip I’ve planned for Vietnam, Cambodia and a bit of Bangkok…. I’ve called it the Upside Down Heart tour- come check it out. It just happens to take in 4 of your top 10 Asian destinations which is pretty cool…. It wont help your wanderlust one bit though! Haha. Looking forward to finding out where you end up…! 🙂

    • Thanks Dream Fly Discover! Vietnam’s one of the places we’re looking at, specifically Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. Will check out your post in a bit, though we’ve done the other two already, but since they’re one of my favorite SE Asian destinations, I can go there again in a heartbeat!

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