2016 Week 19 Update

My first unemployed week! This was interesting week, in which, though I didn’t do anything in my ‘To-Do’ list, I lived the tai-tai life! For those not from this part of the world, a ‘Tai Tai’ is a married woman who lives the life of luxury and is mainly stay at home wife and mum. She is probably a socialite. Probably an English equivalent would be a lady who lunches!

With R at home, there was no real need to do housework and the kids were busy with school and exams. I will (and really need to) start on my To-Do list from today and hope to have made a substantial dent to it by the end of the week.

I also realised that, while I like staying at home, if this goes on for a while, I will soon start going out of my mind! I hope and really pray that I get a decent job atleast within the next four to six weeks and by July, I am working and contributing to the family income. I realise it is also not fair to put the whole onus of providing for the family on S when I am able and willing….Hopefully something comes up soon!

Have a great week folks!


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