5 Traits I wish on my children…

As you all know, it’s exam season now, with the last exam just a day away. I’ve been quite a naggy mom these days, especially since I am home all the time…

The other day I got to thinking about what advice I can give them that they can keep with them for the rest of their lives and I came up with a bunch of them. In no order, except in how I came up with them, here are some traits I hope BB & GG would internalise soon…

I believe this is one of the best traits for a person to have. If you have integrity in everything you do, are honest in dealing with people you come across daily, then you can sleep easy at night. Your name and reputation is the asset you carry for your whole life and when you are honest, your name lives unblemished.

2861e2ePerseverance: Keep going and always persevere in all you do. Failure is just a stepping stone to success. There are many stories everywhere of individuals who were not the most (insert adjective here), but that did not mean they gave up, instead they stove on and reach the goals they set out for themselves. When you fall, dust the dirt and move on.

9ab18aa88e858e60360091f17dd28bb4Forgiveness: To forgive is divine! We’ve all heard this and this is true more than ever today. We meet so many people that make us mad, who in this dog-eat-dog world of today let us down. We carry grudges against them for years, making us mad, sad and hurt each time we think about them. Instead let’s forgive them and let it go! There are so many things which are worth thinking about, don’t create negativity in your lives by rethinking and overthinking negative thoughts.

0714f5ef33771aa46cc22b62e00b8c61Passion: If you love what you do, you never work a single day in your life. Most of us go through just working. Waiting for Friday evening and dreading Monday mornings. Instead try and find what you love doing – it could be anything in this world, or even something that no one has done before! Once you find your passion, you will strive towards excellence all by yourself and commit to 100 percent in that thing. You’ll be a winner before you know it!

quotes-lifeclass-gratitude-deepak-chopra-949x534Gratitude: Practice gratitude daily. Be grateful to your parents, your family and friends. Count your blessings and nurture them daily. Gratitude helps you nurture present relationships and cultivate future ones. Science has also proven that grateful people are more calm, less predisposed to illness, have increased self-esteem and sleep better. The best way to do this is to have a gratitude journal – before sleeping at night, write three things that you are grateful that day….



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