2016 Sec 1 Week 20 Update

We’re more than a third towards the end of the year and this year is going too fast for my liking!

Exams ended this week and hopefully both BB & GG have done fairly well. Friday was a holiday for both as both schools had the day off for students so that teachers can mark papers in peace!

On Thursday, after exams ended, both the kids met up with some Primary school friends. I am glad they are making this effort to reach out and meet old friends. These friends are the ones who’ve seen each other grow from tiny, shy and scared six year olds to confident teens!

On Friday, GG had a ‘Thank You’ lunch from her school. This lunch was to all cast and crew of their 30th anniversary celebrations last month and after that her choir had a party – to welcome the juniors and say farewell to the seniors. Most sec 4/sec 5 students will step down from their CCAs now as they start working towards their N and O level exams. Primary 6 students also do the same thing when they step down sometime in April to focus on the PSLE exams, unless there are major competitions which they are taking part in. GG enjoyed the day and they played with water balloons, sang and enjoyed themselves.

Last that day, they also met up with another set old friends. They’ve known these friends since they were around 8-9 months old. This is also a boy/girl fraternal twin pair who are roughly 3 months older than BB & GG. They used to live in the same estate we lived in and we met in the playground! They’ve been friends since then and have had innumerable play dates! Again, this is friendship I love and encourage, even though they’re in different schools and have different schedules. But most school holidays they meet up at least a couple of times.

This was BB & GG’s week this week. Happy Sunday people!



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