2016 Week 20 Update

Week 2 of being a SAHM and what hits me hardest is how hot and noisy it is! This is really not an issue when you are in an air-conditioned office where the loudest noise is probably some people laughing, and even these get glares! When I was last in India, I commented on how noisy it is and this statement has now come to bite me! The constant cacophony of noises – people talking/fighting, various vehicles coming and going, the traffic and children playing are all guaranteed to make someone not used to this very irritable! I just hope I can escape this before I become too used to it!

The exams ended and I am looking forward to some time with the kids. I have some places in the city to see and visit and I am hoping I can do this soon. We’re also planning our June holiday trip and this time, it will be another neighbouring country – one of the cities which is supposed to  be full of culture, old temples and ruins – everything I love!! More on this when I finish the bookings.

Yesterday we had the naming ceremony for S’ sister’s baby, called Baby here on! Baby is such a sweetheart that I can’t resist holding him when I see him. He had such chubby cheeks when he was born, but that has decreased quite a bit in the last 16 days (that’s how old he is today). It was a fun, but hectic morning meeting the extended family. However, what was not so nice was wearing a silk saree in this heat! Whenever I wear a saree, I always wonder how my mum does it? I’ve mostly seen her in sarees, 24/7 and while I like wearing one, when it’s hot like it is these days, I wonder how she and all women do it? I should probably do a post on this versatile yet un-stitched Indian garment.

Have a great week folks!



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