2016 Sec 1 Week 21 Update

Results week! GG did very well this exam, getting multiple A1s (equal to an A+), including Maths, which is the one subject she always loses marks in. She’s super pumped up and motivated now to do better and in hindsight I feel putting her in this stream has been great for her. She also scored highest in some subjects, of which, which she is very proud!

BB on the other hand, didn’t do so well, only scoring A1s for his strongest subjects of Maths and Science and indifferent marks in others. He also failed some academic subjects. I hope with this failure he pulls up his socks and starts getting serious for the year-end exams. He needs to do well especially next year as they will choose subject combinations in secondary 3, all of which will affect his post-secondary course choices. 

GG also has proceeded to the next round for he councillor selection at her school (actually all students went to the next round). She has the interview session with the current student council later this week. I’m going to help her prepare for this this week.

We also have the parent teacher meetings later in the week, on the same day for both. So first I go to BB’s school, meet his form teacher, then off to GG’s school and meet both, form and subject Teachers. I am also going to talk about a lateral transfer for her. I want her to get the choice, the final decision will be hers!


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