2016 Sec 1 Week 22 Update

This was the last week of school and ended with the Parent Teacher Meeting for both BB & GG.

GG first – she did quite well in her exams and at her parent teacher meeting, all her teachers were all praise for her, some even going so far to say they wished all their students were like her! As a parent, I was chuffed and so very proud of her. She was also very proud of herself and I could see her blushing when her teachers started praising her. I am really happy for her and this has given such a strong boost to her self esteem. She is now determined to do better than the mid year exams. She also won the ‘Model Student’ for her class award on the last day of school. This award is given twice a year to a student the form teachers decide on, one who not only are doing well in school academically, but also do well in their CCAs and other school activities and show qualities which embody the school spirit. Her photo where she is accepting the award will  also be put up in a wall in the school. Her form teacher also commented that he hopes she will get to become a school councillor and also lead her CCA in the future as he sees leadership skills in GG.

Now to BB  – his report was not too good, he only got good grades in Maths and Science and the other subjects were all Bs and below.  He also failed in three subjects, two of which are academic subjects! He really needs to work on his handwriting, which will otherwise, be a big hinderancw to him in 3 odd years time when he sits for he GCE O Level exams. Not all examiners will be willing to decipher what he is writing. This will also affect not only grades in English, but also humanities and also the science papers, which will in turn, affect the final grades. My big job this holiday is to source for some class which will help in his penmanship or find resources online. Good luck to me on that!

So that was our last week of school. On to the holidays now!


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