2016 Week 22 Update

This week I officially complete one month of being a SAHM and jobless! In the last week or so, I did not even apply for jobs. I have started to get depressed about this, sometimes thinking that I will not get another job ever. I need to get out of this funk soon. Need to get my act together as soon as I am back from my holiday later this week.

We’re going to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for a 4 day trip later in the week. Yogya or Jogya as it is fondly called by the locals has two UNESCO world heritage sites close by – Borobudur and the Prambanan temple complex and I am eager to explore them and take load of photos!

We also went for Baby’s one month party yesterday and had a blast playing with him. My sister-in-law emulated the local chinese custom where they celebrate a baby’s full moon (1 month) and get everyone to see the baby at the same time!

Gotta prepare for our holidays and source for places to eat and shop! I’ll spam pictures of the place soon and also do a few posts on what all we did so anyone who is interested in this place will have some points to start with….

Have a great week folks!


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