2016 Secondary 1 Week 23 Update

Its the start of the school holidays and we’re in Yogyakarta as I write this. 
Both BB and GG had to go back to school earlier this week, GG for choir practice and BB for a space camp at the Singapore Science Centre. The highlight of the camp at the Science Centre was using their super powerful telescope to see the sky and stars. Unfortunately, the day they were to see this, the sky was cloudy and they didn’t see the stars. BB also had his Math Olympiad test this week and he said it was a very tough one. I am hoping he makes it to the school team (if they have one) as this will help in his DSA application if he plans do so next year (for Sec 3) as well as in junior college and/or polytechnic. 

They do have holiday homework and we need to start working on that as soon as we are back. I am also thinking of using the school holidays to tutor them in humanities, subjects which I am fairly strong in. This should help them in the next semester. This trip was also good in terms of both history and geography, both subjects which they are studying and will continue to study next year. 
I am also planning some holiday activities locally, so the idea is to spend more time with them – the whole idea of me taking a break from work!


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