2016 Week 24 Weekly Update

A boring kind of a weekand a very hectic weekend was what this week was all about. 

We got back from Yogya on Monday and somehow the rest of the week just sped by without me not accomplishing anything and being super unproductive. 

On Saturday since S was at home, I decided to get some errands out of the way, which included buying BB his Hindi School uniform, which he had outgrown and also doing some other shopping which had been pending for a while now. BB now wears size 42 which is the size that S, a fully grown adult wears. His show size is larger than S’ also. He still had a few more years of growing up to do and I suspect he will be quite tall. As he stands now, he is a tad taller than me and slightly shorter than S. 

I also made a booboo this weekend. For some reason I thought Fathers Day was yesterday (June 12) and we planned to have a dinner at a nice place then. I also got S a car camera that he had been eyeing for a while as a Fathers Day present from the kids. Then just before we left for the dinner, I realised that Fathers Day is actually next Sunday!! Anyway since we had made reservations, we went for the dinner and had an early celebration….


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