2016 Secondary 1 Week 25 Update

We’re counting down to the last week of the school holidays this week. Both BB & GG have to go back to school one day each, GG for choir practice and BB for his Flying Club activity.

I’ve been pushing both of them to do schoolwork so that they can enjoy the last week of school. I think GG has finished most of it, except for a scrapbook, while BB still has some left.

The biggest thing that happened this week was GG losing her student concession card (yet again! though for the first time in secondary school). I’ve called the police station close to my house as well as the transport operator, but noone has still found the card and passed it across. I’ll wait till Monday evening and if its still not found, then we have to go and get another card made as GG needs to go to school later in the week. I am really hoping that someone finds the card which she lost it in a busy street near her grandma’s place and hands it over either to the police or to the transport operator so that we don’t have to go through the hassle of redoing this!!

Anyway happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day….


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