2016 Week 25 Update

It’s been more than six weeks since I’ve been a SAHM and none of the positions I’ve applied to have bitten! I’m getting slightly scared now, especially when my bank balance is showing signs of stress!!

Hopefully something comes up sooner than later and I can start working again. I am starting to feel like a sloth, though I am having a good time at home, reading a lot and watching loads of Youtube videos!

S has also been sick over the weekend, though he was actually sick a good part of the week. But like the macho man he is, he completely denied that he was sick and it was only when he could not take it any longer, he went and saw a doctor. So most of the weekend, he spent in bed, coughing away. He’s not as bad as some men are portrayed, but he is definitely worse than a woman when it comes to  being sick…..I think men tend to over-magnify their sickness while women, who already do multiple shifts (work, home, etc), take a sickness as one of those things which need to endured and just carry on…

Any men reading this please take my words with a huge pinch of salt 🙂

Have great week folks with no Monday blues….


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