Secondary 1 Week 26 Update

As of today, half the year has gone by…where did the weeks fly by so quickly!

So today is the last day of the mid-year school holidays. The four weeks seemed to have zoomed by and BB & GG are set for term 3 and 4 in school. Hindi school started yesterday though, so they’re already in school mode somewhat.

We didn’t do much in the last week of school. Last week I mentioned that GG lost her identity cum transport concession card, and while we waited in vain for someone to pick it up, it did not happen. So earlier this week, we had to go down to the nearest MRT station to get the card replaced. This was a very fast process and took less than 5 minutes. All they needed was her birth certificate and a passport-sized photo.

BB for his Flying Club CCA got a chance to get on a RSAF plane as part of their CCA. This was a transport plane if I understand and they flew across the island. According to BB, the weather was a bit dicey and there were concerns if they will be allowed up. However, fortunately, the weather changed and he was able to fly. He didn’t get a seat up in front and so could not see the cockpit, which was a bit of a bummer for him. This flight was something BB was anticipating right from the beginning of the school year, or rather as soon as he got into his CCA!

We also finally caught up with Finding Dory later in the week and all of us (GG, BB and me) really enjoyed it loads!

So this was our week this week…Have a great Sunday!!


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