2016 Week 26 Update

Another boring week this turned out to be….

I don’t even know why I bother updating weekly when my days segue into each other.

On the job front, I’ve been applying as usual, but nothing has come up yet. Well, not really, because for the first time, I got called by a consultant who called me for a chat for a job she had advertised and I had responded to. I do not have much hopes for that position as one of the key experiences the company needs, I don’t have. But I went thinking maybe they may have other opportunities available. So let’s see….

I also lost my atm card this week! We were going to watch Finding Dory and the train was supposed to come in 2 minutes. I also had to top up mine and BB’s fare cards and all this in the 2 minutes before the train arrives. After the top-ups, either I left the card in the machine or dropped it somewhere in the platform. I only realised it after the movie was over and I wanted to buy something from a store in the mall! Luckily I had some cash with me for the purchase. I quickly cancelled the card and over the weekend, went and got a new one done….

Happy Monday people and I hope this week is a great one for you all. As for me, please pray that the consultant comes back with some positive news for me…


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