Secondary 1: Week 27 Update

This was week 1 of term 3 and the pace has started picking up. This term along with the next (term 4) will be very short ones. I understand that in secondary school, the year-end exams start and finish before primary school and they will start their year-end holidays by the first week of November, as opposed to mid-November in Primary school.

The first week also saw new subjects being introduced for both GG & BB. Since secondary school involves between 8-10 subjects, many schools introduce them, especially the newer subjects like history, geography, food & nutrition, design and technology etc. in piecemeal fashion. So they do one in terms 1 & 2 and the other in terms 3 & 4.

We’ve also gotten the dates for the common tests which will be in early August, so have to start preparing for those too.

GG came back from school the other day and mentioned she wants to try for the scholarship prize given by the government to the top 5/10% of each cohort per school. That’s a good thing to aim for, as that will mean she will be among the top 3 of her cohort. Let’s see if she is able to do so….

Other than that, we had a fairly normal week. Tomorrow is a holiday here for students as it has been declared ‘Youth Day‘. Youth Day is celebrated on the first sunday of July and the next working day which is Monday is a school holiday. This week, there’s another holiday in the form of Hari Raya Puasa or Ramzan Id, which marks end of the fasting month for muslims….

To all my muslim readers, here’s wishing you a very happy Ramzan Id! Id Mubarak….

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