2016 Week 27 Update

We’re done with half of 2016! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. Also the first half of this year has not been very good to me, so here’s hoping the second half more than compensates for the bad first half.

This was a ho-hum week for me, with nothing of note. I’ve been sending out resumes almost everyday, but so far, there’s nothing, nada on the radar. The recruitment consultant I spoke about told me I made their cut and the company will now screen the resumes they sent to them to decide whom they want to meet. So far, there’s nothing yet, so not much hopes there too…

I was pretty much at home this week, with just a visit to the temple on Friday. My sister-in-law’s new baby is apparently sick a lot, so my mother-in-law had some prayers in the temple for him. We spent a couple of hours in the temple and then also did a food donation to the visitors there and then had lunch before coming back home…

That, my readers, was the highlight of my week! It’s so pathetic, even if I say so…

Oh, I need to update my reading challenge for the year. My original challenge at the beginning of the year was to read 125 books. Somewhere around the 100 mark, I moved the goalpost further to 150 books by December 31 and as of today, I’ve exceeded my original goal and have read…..drumroll…..126 books! Hopefully I will exceed the target of 150 books also soon….

With a public holiday this week, let’s see what it brings to me…

Wishing all muslims a very Happy Id….Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri (as they say in southeast Asia) and Id Mubarak as it’s said in India!!


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