Secondary 1 Week 28 Update

Another school week comes to an end, but this was a short week for the children. Monday was a school holiday in Singapore as it was celebrated as Youth Day here. Then Wednesday was a public holiday due to Ramzan Id or Hari Raya Puasa as it is called in this part of the world.

GG is busy in school and preparing for their show choir competition Bedazzled and she comes home very tired when she has practice. I am glad the competition is later this month so that she can then start focusing on her Common Tests which start from the 1st of August as well as the second Semester Exam which will be later in October.

BB on the other hand, still has a very ‘don’t care‘ attitude when it comes to studying. He is smart, but not hard working. He is the kind of person who will only study what he wants to study, that is the subjects which interest him – which are usually Science and Maths and when he gets bored of these two, some English. The other subjects, especially Hindi and the Humanities are relegated to when I start nagging him to study! GG on the other hand, is more focussed!

That was the school week for us. How was it for you all? Have a wonderful Sunday!!



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