Secondary 1 Week 29 Update

One more week which was uneventful! BB & GG are settled in school and preparing for the end-of-year exams.

For the first time this year, GG’s school had a Parent-Support Group meeting and even though it clashed with BB’s school meeting, I decided to go for this one as I wanted to meet the PSG folks. In the beginning of the year, I had written to them but had not gotten any response from them.

I also understood that they have parents class Whatsapp groups, again, this was news to me so I am glad I went for the meeting and hopefully I will now become part of the group.

The other day I learnt that GG had been removed from one of her class chat groups. I am not sure why this has happened and have asked her to check with her other friends. If she is being cyber bullied, then I do want to take steps about this.

GG’s competition is at the end of the week and BB also has an aeromodelling competition next week, so they both are going to be super busy this week….




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