2016 Week 29 Update

It’s a new week, so happy Monday folks! I hope this week is good for you.

My days are running into each other and each week seems to be pretty much like the previous week.

I’ve sent out something like around a hundred resumes till date, but there’s been no response at all from any employer. Day-by-day, I feel my confidence deteriorating and there are times when I seriously think about my employability status and wonder whether I should just chuck it and become a SAHM permanently. I also need to take a decision about my helper R. Her contract ends sometime in mid-September and I need to figure out whether to continue the contract or let her go. I am in two minds about this – if I let her go and I secure a new position, I would really feel her absence as she is a very good worker. But then the other question is can I afford her salary, especially when I am at home these days and there’s not much work for her to do. Hopefully, this week will be better for me than the previous week.

I’ve been creating a lot of content for both this blog and In My Hands Today, so this is what keeps me busy all day!

Have a great week guys!




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