Secondary 1 Week 30 Update

Another week has gone by and we’re edging towards the end of the year, just a few more months to go now…

GG has her Common Tests from the week after next, while BB does not have Common Tests, what he has are class tests which will account for a percentage of the final marks.

Yesterday evening, we went all the way to Resorts World in Sentosa to watch GG’s school choir team battle it out for the show choir competition called B-Dazzled. GG’s choir did not win, but they did a great job. GG had some lines to sing solo and I was so proud of her. She is the only Secondary 1 student who has any solo lines to sing. There were loads of students from the other schools who were competing to support their mates, but hardly anyone from GG’s school. Also the students in the audience made so much noise, at times it was so difficult to hear the music. 

In addition to the show choir segment, the competition  also included soloists, two sisters who were fantastic! They sang as if we were in an Opera and I can see a great future for them in music. Their voices went to such high pitches, wow! 

Have a great Sunday….


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