2016 Week 30 Update

Another week is gone….

I am really feeling my age and more these days. On Saturday we went to see and support GG for her show choir performance and by the time we were back home it was past 11 pm. Even though I only went there and sat down to enjoy the show, I was so tired when we came home and needed a good part of Sunday to recover!

The latest update on our troublesome neighbours is that we have to change the ceiling fans on two of our bedrooms. This whole episode (and it’s not over yet) has left a real bad taste in my mouth and I have a sneaking suspicion that we have been victims of very subtle racial discrimination. When the estate manager came to check, his assistant initially told me that there was no noise, but the estate manager (EM) told me otherwise. Initially, I wanted to go upstairs and see for myself which the EM agreed. But later when he came down, he told me that since they were from the government agency and he had checked, there was no need for me to do the same. Why I really wonder? If there was the loud noise as they claim, then they should be eager to show it to me to prove me wrong, right? Something didn’t seem right to me. I let it go as I didn’t want to create a scene….

Anyway here’s hoping this week is much better than the last one and the week is awesome for you all  too….



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